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eventually result in abnormal growth.

Eventually John realized that he would have to get a job to support himself. 最终约翰意识到他将不得不找份工作来养活自己.eventually adv.终于,最终,最后

1、It licks me how he settled the question. 我搞不清楚他怎么解决了问题的.2、This matter cannot be settled in a summary fashion. 不能用简单的方法去解决这个问题.3、Cats are creatures of habit they seem to appreciate a settled routine.猫

gradual consistent prograss造句 如下:the gradual and consistent progress has far-reaching implications.渐进一致的进展影响深远.

before you move in , you should arrange of everything但我推荐用 arrange for

The pills gave her some relief. 药片减轻她一些痛苦.

He fell ill and eventually died. 他得了病,最后去世了.

He eventually rose to the rank of captain 他终于升职当上了船长.Each rank of the peerage was represented 每个贵族阶级都有代表.His prices rank high among those of other contemporary photographers 在当代摄影师当中,他的要价很高.

You'll be well soon.你不久就会好的.


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