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it spent about three years to build from 1926 to 1929. the sun yat-sen mausoleum sits north to south, covering an area of 800 million square meters, of which the great hall of the festival palace-building simulation, have three arches. doorway has a

Zhongshan is in Guangdong Guangdong is in China China is in earth earth is in Solar system Solar system is in Milky Way A monk is in Milky Way too One day,the monk asked:"where is Zhongshan"?Then his wife said:Zhongshan is in

Duan,with a river to its north and a perfect view of a mountain.It is crowd in the streets,narrower in the old ones,the houses are in old styles.Black goats and grape beer are very famous.I lone my hometown in my heart.

The Great Wall of China:The Great Wall of China continues to attract millions of visitors from around the world.Many parts of this wall have been restored recently.Even then,certain parts are in a dilapidated condition.This wall was mainly built to

Sun Yat-sen (1866--1925), Clerical word Deming, of the new, changed after Yat-Sen. Japan had engaged in revolutionary activities Popular Zhongshan pseudonym. Guangdong Xiangshan (now Zhongshan City) be old people. The forerunner of the


Last winter holiday,I went to Harbin with my mother. It's very cold in winter.There is snow and ice everywhere and you are always in a white world.You must wear warm clothes.The most exciting thing is playing with snow.Skating is also very interesting

My school is a beautiful campus, you don't believe in? I take you to visit my school. You see, walked into the door, and two rows of stand proudly welcome our arrival, it is like a soldier standing guard, guard our campus. Back is a beautiful flower, open

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Xiaolan Town is a Chinese city situated at the northwest periphery of the city of Zhongshan. The population of Xiaolan Town is of an estimation of 150,000 permanent residents and 100,000 temporary residents. The total area of the town is 71km.

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