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1 新年来了 The Spring Festival is also the Chinese New Year. Every year, before the Spring Festival, people are very busy. They buy many foods to prepare for a big dinner with their families. If their families are outside the city, they will make travel

The Mid-Autumn Festival The Mid-Autumn Festival is a very important Chinese festival. It's on lunar fifth of August. In the evening, we have a big dinner. Look, there is a lot of delicious food on the table. We can drink a glass of juice. We stand

1 My sweet home 我的甜蜜之家 Most people has a sweet home, so have I. I think my home is sweet because it is my best place to have rest or have fun with my friends or my parents.许多人拥有一个甜蜜的家,我也有.我认为我的家是甜蜜的,因

There are four seasons in the year. They're spring, summer, autumn and winter. 一年有四个季节.它们是春天,夏天,秋天和冬天. Spring is warm and sunny. In spring days, everything in our nature is green, so we can go out to release ourselves

dear mrs smith, my name is han mei. i'm from china. my parents are both working in england now. so i want to go to england as an exchange student. i am very outgoing. i have many hobbies. i like playing basketball and playing the piano. i like

My family I love my family, because I have a happy family. My father is an English teacher. His name is Jacky. He is thirty-eight. He likes playing basketball. What's my mother job? Is she a teacher? Yes, you're right! My mother is very kind and nice,

1. My FriendI have a good friend. Her name is May. She is 12 years old.Her telephone number is 87634966 Her birthday is March 5th. She is good at English and Chiese.She often plays the piano. She like

第一篇:THE NEWSPAPER 报 纸 Nowadays the newspaper possesses considerable value Everybody should read it. It supplies us with a variety of news every day. It tells us the political situation of the world. If we form the habit of reading the

Last summer I went to the beach . My vacation was pretty good . I went there by bus and my bus trip was relaxing . The beach was very beautiful . It was sunny, cool and humid .the people were friendly and the food was delicious . I enjoyed my

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